InstaBlog Photos: Ridiculously Photogenic City Is Ridiculously Photogenic

Author's note: Warning—this is a blog-style post based on a social media post. Beware typos and poorly elucidated thoughts. For more polish, perhaps try an article!
#1: Looking south along Church Street into the Noe Valley, while waiting for the inbound J Church

Earlier this year I was in San Francisco, and while I normally like to focus on something a bit more intellectual, sometimes a place is just so gorgeous that all I can do is sit back and enjoy the aesthetics. Hope this series melts your urbanist heart like it melts mine!

Many more below!

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#2: Skyline

A view of the skyline from where I was staying, atop a relatively small hill. Leaving in the morning, coming home at night—whether in the sun or the fog—was just stunning. I could get used to this, if only I could afford it...

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#3: Alamo Square

Alamo Square in San Francisco is (rightly) famous for one particular view. And while "The View"™ is a great one, it shouldn't overshadow what is by all rights a gorgeous urban park—one with gorgeous views of The City's* urbanism in all directions.

Especially love the built/"natural" environment contrast, although William Cronon is probably rightfully mailing me a punch to the face as we speak.

(*Am I doing this capitalization thing right!?)

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#4: Square to Square

Square to square: looking down Pierce from Alamo Square to Alta Plaza and its locally notable steps. I just love how this images visualizes a transect of the Western Addition—a regular, everyday part of the city—in a way that only hills can.

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#5: A City of Dogs

Though there is many more to come, this is arguably my favorite picture of this series... Anyway, apropos of nothing, San Francisco might be the most dog-friendly large, urban city I've ever been in. It seems like every other household owns a dog—and not small breeds, either. And yet, most are well behaved city dogs. It is a great example of how animals can add to the quality experience of urban life—they make being around just that much nicer.

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#6: Alley

An alley in Pacific Heights. So gorgeous, so colorful, so human scale. What else is there to say? *heart melts*

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#7: The Marina

So, the Marina may not be my favorite neighborhood in the world—it is often more akin to a reserved garden suburb than an urban neighborhood. That said, as gardens go, it is a nice one. And so even though it's a bit stereotypical, how could I miss a shot like this..

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#8: Outer Richmond

I even find the vista from a cloudy, foggy Outer Richmond to be captivating.


The only thing that could make it better? Let's get some rail back on Geary Blvd, where it belongs!

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#9: Alamo Square Apartments

So, I could probably make an entire account just posting scenic photos from Alamo Square, which is one reason I held back on this one. But considering the current political debates in San Francisco, and the classic painted ladies shot from the park, I felt it was only right to point out that there were plenty of other beautiful vistas that include apartment buildings.

Hard to argue this isn't gorgeous! Just maybe less garage doors, okay?

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