Talk: The Symbiotic Intersection of Transit and Public Space (TransitCon 2022)

At the end of January, I was honored to speak at the second annual TransitCon, a ", virtual transit conference for all, featuring the brightest minds in public transit." As those who follow my work will know, the interaction between transit and the public realm is something I spend much of my energy exploring and explaining. To that end, the topic of my talk was a no-brainer: The Symbiotic Intersection of Transit and Public Space. As I described it:

Few factors affect the shape and function of a city's public realm more than its transportation network. All too often, however, the transit world overlooks vital issues of public space. This talk will explore the symbiotic relationship between transit and public space, examining how transit shapes the public realm, looking at how busy transit nodes can become major centers for everyday urban life, and discussing how planners, engineers, and organizations can begin to improve the quality of the public realm under their stewardship.

Now, the video of this talk is available for all to watch! Enjoy:

NYC Ferry: South Brooklyn, Day One

Ride along with The Fox and the City on the first day of service on NYC Ferry's new South Brooklyn line — June 1st, 2017.

I wasn't sure what to expect from Mayor De Blasio's signature ferry service. While it was great it was going to cost the same as a subway ride, wouldn't it be much slower, and hence much less useful than other methods of public transit?

Well, I'm glad to admit that I was wrong! It is a tremendous ride: quick, comfortable, and beautiful. If you live near one of its stops, it is a method of transportation that just draws you in—one you just want to ride. We'll see how it fairs when the weather gets poorer, or in a storm, but for now, it is a *tremendous* addition to New York City's transportation arsenal.

Come along and ride the HB102 (catchy name, huh? Temporary only!) on the first day of service on the South Brooklyn line! Starting with a tour of Wall St. / Pier 11 and the boat, we then travel to DUMBO, Atlantic Avenue, Redhook, Sunset Park, and finally Bay Ridge. It is a gorgeous trip, and it couldn't have been a more beautiful day to experience it!

Hope you enjoy!

A Quick Tour of the Second Avenue Subway

Something a little different: a quick tour of the first phase of the newly opened Second Avenue Subway. It's just some quick footage I slapped together from a recent visit to the line. Not a proper, fancy tour by any means, just a look at the general layout of the stations, their designs and features, and how deep they are relative to the street. I hope it gives a sense of the spaces. Enjoy!

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