End of Year Update: Emails and an Excerpt

Just a quick two things before this year is out (assuming it is not already out where you live):

First, not a social media person? Don't worry, I'm not either (as my presence, or lack thereof on it might show). Due to reader demand, it is now possible to receive an email every time The Fox and the City updates! It's like 1999 all over again!

If you would care to subscribe, just click here and enter your email address. I hate spam, too: this list will only be used for updates, and will never be sold.

Second, while it's only a brief sentence, I wanted to share something from the article I am currently writing with you. This quote is way too long for twitter, so you know it's good. As you may guess, writing these long-form pieces takes time, and I apologize for not having it finished yet. However, I look forward to sharing the whole piece with you in a few short weeks—another reason you may want to sign up for those email updates. Anyway, without further ado:

Now, what motivates this specific breed of American tourism—people traveling to different cities only to then seek out plastic facsimiles of the very place they are in, full of the exact same shops and restaurants that they could find at home—is not merely alien to my New York sensibilities, but could almost certainly fill a tome all its own.

Happy New Year!

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