Instagram: Hoboken & Lincoln Harbor

"Corporate Campus #Urbanism"... Seen in #LincolnHarbor, #Weehawken, #NJ. Though adjacent to light rail, and just across the Hudson River from one of the most transit-friendly cities in the world, this new development will almost certainly never become a truly urban environment. Wide streets and, empty setbacks; two stories of (at least somewhat hidden) parking; not a retail space in sight. The courtyard only gets worse: what do you want to look out on, the river? How about *more parking*! It's very sad that even a modern #TransitOrientedDevelopment near the heart of one of the most #urban #cities in the world could get so much so wrong. Truly disappointing, and it only gets worse when one considers that nearby #Hoboken exploding into one of the most expensive neighborhoods in the #NYC metro area. Quality, urban housing and more quality urban space is desperately needed. Nice view of the water, though... #UrbanPlanning #UrbanDesign

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