Insta(Photo)Blog: Manhattan Ave, Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Author's note: Warning—this is a blog-style post based on a social media post. Beware typos and poorly elucidated thoughts. For more polish, perhaps try an article!

Manhattan Ave in Greenpoint, Brooklyn is—location to the contrary—well named, indeed.

One of the great pieces of whimsy (not to mention of psychological interest) that an urban environment can give a denizen is a stunning, unexpected view.

I may not be a huge fan of 432 Park Ave (the huge tower in the far distance), but I'll be damned if it isn't impressive—it makes the Citicorp Center in front of it look tiny—and this is doubly true when lined up with a traditional urban Brooklyn street. There is also something to be said here about the stunning contrast here: between low-rise north Brooklyn—the city of Churches—and the grand towers in the distance. When it lines up, it is something special, indeed.

Apropos of nothing, this picture was a challenge to develop right: so much light and dark! But I think it came out well!


Based on an Instagram post.
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