InstaBlog: Unacceptable Sidewalk

Author's note: Warning—this is a blog-style post based on a social media post. Beware typos and poorly elucidated thoughts. For more polish, perhaps try an article!

No one should have to put up with this: the sidewalk on Avenue U just past Ocean Parkway is a mess. It's bad enough that the construction fence has taken up a good chunk of the sidewalk, but the concrete itself is completely unmaintained and falling apart.

As you can see, the family ahead of me with a stroller was having difficulty navigating the rocky terrain, and it would be a nightmare for anyone with any kind of physical impairment. That is unacceptable, and the construction site is no excuse: the physical city has to work for everyone.

Things would be better if the sidewalk was pristine, but even then it would be quite narrow: parking probably should have been sacrificed as well to ensure there was enough walking space.

These little pieces of maintenance and care can make a huge difference in not only the livability, but the absolute accessibility of a place, and should always be a priority. They should never be left to rot like this. And yet it sadly happens all the time. Sigh; rant over.

Based on an Instagram post.
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